The German “Society for Qualified Nutrition Therapists and Nutrition Advisers” is an incorporated non-profit society, registered with the district court of Tübingen, Germany, under the registration number VR 1441.

QUETHEB advocates the educational and political promotion of quality-assured nutrition therapy in Germany.

QUETHEB offers practical support for professionals in vocational matters and provides a communication platform to facilitate exchange of experiences between colleagues. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration!

QUETHEB-registered professionals offer science-based therapy and qualified advice to patients with nutrition-related disorders. The professionals are obliged to work product-independent.

QUETHEB-registered professionals are competent partners for medical doctors, health insurance companies and health care institutions.

Education centres, schools of nutrition, and companies will find that among the QUETHEB-registered professional lecturers for basic and advanced teaching, training programs for workplace health promotion projects.

Please search our pool of experts to find those colleagues and partners.